K.J. Cleveland's

What is Enlightenment?

The Philosophy of Knowing Yourself

 About the author:

 K.J. Cleveland was born in Alabama, grew up in various areas, including Mannheim, Germany, due to her Mom being a librarian for the U.S. Army. Her mother, Sherrie Floyd, opened libraries for the U.S. Army in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and subsequently won Federal Librarian of the Year in 2001 for her endeavors. After college, K.J. Cleveland moved to California, where she began her writing career. She and her brother, Randy Jones, published The Raw You: Self-Awareness Journal for one year in West Los Angeles, followed by a book, The Raw You: A Contemplation of the Soul, which received an incredibly positive response from its readers. Other books she has written include What is Enlightenment: Theories of Plato, Newton, Rousseau and Kant on Knowing Yourself Beneath Your Societal Identity, God and the Unseen Realm and Never Give Up: Exercises to Listen to Your Heart, Set Goals and Make Your Dreams Come True. To learn more about knowing yourself and making your dreams come true, check out nevergiveup1.com, dreamscometrue1.org and whatisenlightenment.org.

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